Mr. Maher Al Sarraj

Engr.George Nadrous

Project Manager

Engr.Hamza Alrefai

MEP Manager

Engr.Khaled Albakri

Projects Control

Mr.Rushin Khan

Senior Accountant

What do we offer to the customer

SEAPAL CONTRACTING aspires to sustain and improve the provision of 'General Contracting Services for Diversified Construction Projects'. As a service oriented company, SEAPAL CONTRACTING, is committed to quality of our services by considering the Health & Safety of all our employees, subcontractors and others likely to be affected by our operations and to continually improve our environment performance. The Management of SEAPAL CONTRACTING is committed to: - Attain customer satisfaction by meeting and complying with the customer requirements and other stated requirements to which company subscribes. - Continually improving the effectiveness of Company QHSE management system. - To achieve QHSE objectives set by the management. - Achieving a high level of quality, Health, safety and environmental performance with compliance to legal requirements and ensure that the prevention of accidents, injury, ill health and environment pollution. - The avoidance of accidents and promotion of a safe and health work place by providing integrated safety and job training for all employees. - Ensure that all materials and wastes are carefully stored to prevent contamination of ground and surface waters. - Provide awareness to our employees and subcontractors towards commitment with regards to QHSE policy and QHSE objectives and that they understand their responsibilities and ensure conformance to defined specifications.